Welcome Juss Friend,

Thank you so much for tuning in here at JussMeko.com! We have quite a bit of growing to do but the fact that you are here at this moment in the space with me means that you are interested in the journey. For that, I’m beyond grateful for you. This space is safe for transparency, learning, and laughing all while growing together.

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I’m still relatively new to blogging to I’m going to make some mistakes here. Help a sister out and let me know! I’m not above constructive criticism. After all, the reason I created this environment is so I can share my thoughts and bounce ideas back and forth with you, my friends. Happy that you came along for this ride…

Meet My Family

My lovely husband, Rian, son, King, and daughter, Roe.

Check out some of my affiliates below… & yes, I actually used these companies personally AND LOVE THEM so they are allowing me to share with you =)