Who is Meko ?

So what do i know? Not much of anything really..

I went natural in 2011! Wow! that seems like forever ago now but really has not been that long. initially i attempted transitioning but was unsuccessful so I’ve since then done the big chop twice… i love the twa style, btw!

I can say that I’ve had my fair share of trial and error. I’ve experienced transitioning, heat damage, chemical damage, etc.

Last year, 2018, i decided in January to go on a real healthy hair growth journey. This decision required me to do quite a bit of research. I’ve read blog after blog and viewed YouTube videos galore! All to find that each individual has a unique head of hair that requires unique care and attention.

Everything that you see or read here is solely a combination of things learned from my research and my experience and experiments as a natural. I’ll include some pics below of my transitioning hair, big chop, and more current pics.

It’s been a long journey up to this point but I’ve loved and learned from every bit of it. My goal is to one day have waist length natural hair and i plan to make that happen here with you All. Right now I’m just below collarbone length to arm pit length.

Favorite Exercise gear

So what tips have you all found to help with your natural hair journey? Even if you’re relaxed, what are some routines that you use to promote healthy hair and growth? Let me know.. you help me and I help you ❤

Thanks for joining me!


Lost Files:

Pictures of my journey starting 2013 after BC #2

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