10 Tips that Will Change Your Natural Hair Journey (Part 1 of 3)

We can all agree on the fact that being natural is a movement. Many women, and men for that matter, have embraced their natural. Since deciding to stop getting relaxers in 2011, I’ve learned a lot along the way during my own journey. I’ve learned far too much to contain in one post so I’ve decided to split this into several different posts for easier reading😆👍🏾.. so let’s get started!

1. Keep it Simple🙃

I know often times our hair care just gets OVERWHELMING. My number one tip to you (and me) is to keep your hair care simple. I’m a YouTube watcher to the core of my core! But I’ve finally figured out that i simply can’t try every single product or style i see! I have to do what works for my hair, my lifestyle, and above all else, my BUDGET! Lol!

Much of what i see is attractive but I’m just not that natural that has time to implement a 25-step hair regimen any more, and i know many of you reading this aren’t either. Try to stick to the basics: Wash, deep condition or condition, leave-in moisturizing agent of some sort, and styler of choice.

Although many influencers in the natural hair community will give you suggestions, no one can ever give you a “save-the-day” all inclusive plan specific to your hair. So you’ll have to research and try some things that may or may not work for you.

2. Trial and Error

Now this step is where it can get tricky, so be careful NOT to be come a product junkie (currently in recovery myself).

To know if something is or isn’t going to work for you, you have to try it, right? Correct. This is why you have to first research items, products, and routines. Because if you just blindly go out and buy products you will end up with a cabinet full of items that you never use because they do not work. I still have trouble with compulsive buys sometimes but thank God for giving me some discipline now to keep it at a minimum.

Its very important, in my opinion, when trying new products that you put them on a “probationary” period of sorts. Give it about 3 or 4 consecutive trys before throwing in the microfiber towel😅. Then, you can definitely say whether or not it worked well. I have, in past times, tried a product once, gave up on it, and later tried it again to discover that i didn’t use it properly or long enough to see the results. So basically make informed choices about your hair care depending upon the actual needs of your hair.

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3. Develop a Routine, AND STICK WITH IT!

This probably should have been number 1a. Having a routine/ schedule to care for your natural hair is VITAL for growing and retaining any amount of length. There is no one size fits all in this area either. find out and do what ever works for you! If your scalp only allows you to wash once every week then that’s what you do. If you can extend wash days to bi-weekly or even once a month, then that’s what works for you. Stick with that and listen to your hair!

Routine care for your hair will aid in the “training” of your hair to function the way you want it to a lot more often than not. It will become more manageable over time and more likable as well😉.

And so I’ll wrap up here for today! Let this marinate and feel free to reach out if you have any question or feedback to add!

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