RECLAIMING MY TIME: Let’s Stop “Doin TOO MUCH” with Our Natural Hair🧐

Hey Juss Friends!

Auntie Maxine Waters is joining us today ❤️

Many of us naturals or people that want to be naturals are just overwhelmed by the whole idea, right?

If you talk to any black woman about hair, you would find that a lot who aren’t natural want to be natural but they’re just under the impression that natural hair is far too complex. I GET IT! I’ve been natural again since 2011 and it’s been a journey.

In 2011, was when i had my last relaxer and i knew absolutely NOTHING about my hair. I mean even though, at that point in my life, I had already been natural before for longer than i was relaxed. But on this journey, it’s been different. My mother took amazing care of my natural hair! When i was under her care, my hair was literally waist length for years. It was thick and long!

So in the past year or 3, I’ve been wanting to simplify this natural hair thing. I WILL NEVER BE RELAXED, EVER AGAIN! That’s a definite, but while I’m natural for life….. What now?!

For me, wash days, had become annoying and now that i have a daughter it’s double the work because little sister’s hair is growing! I didn’t like that the idea of caring for my crown was feeling like a chore that I DREADED instead of the self-care it should feel like.

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So I started looking at ways to simplify on Youtube of course🤗..

I looked into protective styles first… braids, twists, etc…. those are great, BUT what is the point of having beautiful natural hair that you can’t wear???

Next, I looked at twist out, braid outs, Bantu knots, etc. and I enjoy all of these styles as well, BUT they still require quite a bit of time to do. Then, multiply that times 2 for Royale and I both…. ummmmm so yeah 🚫

My sister-friend Q, (SHE’s AMAZING.. check out her blog here ➡️, has an amazing head of natural hair and 2 daughters WITH HEADS FULL OF HAIR! She pointed me in the direction of Black Girl Curls Instagram. A pair of hair stylists that are teaching and allowing us to wear our hair in its natural state and flourish. They seriously take the stupid out of natural hair😂😂

Of course, I was absolutely intrigued because it was common sense.

Why do we make natural hair so complicated? Why do we think it takes a week to wash and style natural hair? Why do we use oil? Where did these rituals come from?? WHY WHY WHY????

The common denominator was, of course, YouTube and social media. We have learned a lot from other bloggers and things that aren’t of the professional opinion. I think it had to happen that way to get the majority of people away from the relaxed state of mind because many ‘hair stylists’ couldn’t tell you anything about natural hair either at the time. No shade, but just saying…. The early influencers were sharing their journeys with us and started a revolutionary time in history.. no doubt about it!

Natural hair looks different but isn’t that much different from any other hair. EVERYONE HAS NATURAL HAIR, naturally straight to naturally curly or kinky….. The basic building blocks are the same.

Because of these commonalities, our hair needs similar treatment…. the big combo!

Simply Shampoo. Condition. Style.

Yep… that’s it. There are no magic products! I think as naturals we have been conditioned to think that the products make our hair amazing. Although there are really great quality products that should probably be used and really bad quality products that should probably never be used, it’s more about technique than product.

The biggest issue I think is we should not be afraid of shampoo. It is our friend; we just need to know what kinds to use and when. Clarify once a month and use moisturizing shampoos for the other wash days in the month. Once a week is a good place to start. I shampoo every week and then I deep condition every week. Same routine for my baby girl.

After conditioning, i use leave in conditioner or hair milk and a styler (usually a gel). DONE! Now, there are techniques to get the desired look specifically. A shower takes about 15 minutes but when I’m doing my hair it adds about 20 more minutes. AND DONE! At this point I either sit under the dryer or blow dry. During the cooler temperatures, it’s not a great idea to go out with wet hair.

So, that’s right! Wash and go’s are my new love. I re-style like every 5-7 days sometimes more or less depending on what’s going on in life. But it’s become easier. My hair does not rule or ruin my lifestyle anymore lol. I’M RECLAIMING MY TIME!

Latest Wash and Go results on Day 1.

Comment to let me know if you would like a video of my latest wash and go routine. Subscribe to my YouTube so that you don’t miss though uploads Click Here. Take this journey with me… YOU CAN DO THIS NATURAL HAIR THING! I’m here to help and answer questions….

Thanks for Reading! — Meko

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